Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[Release] Juche! The North Korean RPG

"The interactive text based informative thriller Juche will keep you enthralled for minutes! Nay, tens of minutes! - I.G.N.

Info about the story and earlier posts showing the progression of Juche

Dislaimer: The game isn't fully complete. Inventories, quests, and shops haven't been finished. You're welcome to do anything you'd like with the source as long as I'm credited if you release anything.

  • Amazing randomized fighting dialog
  • 6 maps, 10 enemies, tons of NPC's and Tons of Bugs  other features :)
  • Load & Save system
  • Admin command system
  • Unique NPC dialog (Including North Korean News NPC's and the tip giving Sensei of ultimate wisdom)
  • Minimalistic game art
  • Tray message system that drops alerts in the bottom right corner of screen when needed

Spoiler - Inside the source there's a list of admin commands you can use to cheat if you'd like. Enjoy!

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