Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NK DungeonCrawler

The most recent project I've adopted is a post apocalyptic text based game about North Korea in which North Korea turned out to be the incredible power they pretend to be in modern day.

Unlike traditional text based games I built an interface for the game in swing, however it still has the traditional feel.

Currently I have about 10 classes going and 1500 lines, but yet to implement maps. Here's my dev. log.
* Development started - December 26th
 * Updates:
 * - Established basic layout
 * - Created player class & stats
 * - Tweaked GIU settings
 * - Created starting stats for classes
 * - Added message for if a message is submitted and no commands are done
 * - Added names
 * - When creating a character it now correctly assigns job
 * - Text field is cleared after hitting enter
 * - Enter key now works instead of button
 * - Fixed spacing in stats
 * - Added narration class
 * - Added currency(North Korean Won)
 * - Added MaxHP & MaxMP
 * - Characters class is now extended by player/npc/enemy
 * - Added skills to Player & Enemy (4 skills spots avaliable)
 * - Added SkillFactory & CharacterFactory classes (SkillFactory gets skills from id's & CharacterFactory is responsible for names/shit)
 * - Coded CharacterFactory getChar(id) method for getting NPC's/Enemies
 * - Added Skill & Skillfactory classes along w/ test NPCs/enemys/skills
 * - Added Battle class & got the basic battle system implemented
 * - Fished Battle basics :) You can fight now! (4 different skills)
 * - Improved look of battle text
 * - Added skill descriptions and made it easier to add skills
 * - Skill descriptions added to battle narration
 * - Added Admin commands /heal & /battle [mobid]
 * - Reworked enemy creation, much easier
 * - Saving now works
 * - You can now load saved characters :)
 * - Privatized some variables that needed it
 * - Added Item/equip/itemfactory classes

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Twitter Client update!

I've been continually updating the client and here's the current look. Far from done(There are few bugs Ex. Profile tab doesn't work), but it's on hold for another project that I've started with a few friends. 

As you can see I've opted for bigger profile images, there are multiple feeds to choose from, and there are more search options including a pull down menu for what feed you'd like to search.