Sunday, August 10, 2014

Juche Updates

It's been awhile since I've posted anything about Juche (Everyone's favorite North Korean RPG) but I'm back with a giant slew of updates. Since I have college coming up, it's questionable how much time I'll be able to spend on the game, however I assure you progress will be made.

  •  Loading now works
  •  Inventories work
  • Added shop/shopfactory classes & admin command to open shops
  • began shop implementation in maps
  • Shops now display in menu
  • Started adding /buy
  • Added menu for changing maps
  • Buying use items works
  • Ultimate abilities require 1/2 of your mana
  • Added JToaster library for more advanced dropmsgs
  • Combined all inventories into one
  • Straightened out battle narration
  • Added new NPCS
  • General cleanup
  • Added Sensei of Ultimate Wisdom (Gives tips)
  • Mana cost labeled on 4th skill
  • Admin mode now enables at level 25 
  • Added basic map navigation
  • Added other scenarios to /run
  • Mana is reset upon death
  •  new stuff: 6 skills/2 mobs/2 NPCS/Treetop Town/Trunk Arena
  •  Fixed map menu
  •  Fixed '[command] not recognized' msg after battle is over
  •  Named the last 4 maps

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