Wednesday, February 5, 2014

North Korean Dungeon Crawl - Where'd it go?

N.K.D.C. has been formally renamed to Juche 
  • Previous name was too long
  • It's no longer a dungeon crawling game
  • Juche is defined as the idea that the North Korean people are the masters of the countries development.
        I found the fact that this "political thesis" of Kim Il-Sung's even exists incredibly humorous, and immediately decided this would be the name for the game. Even though the situation in North Korea isn't anything to joke about I predict by creating a hilarious/slightly informative game could raise awareness about how bad it really is there.  

        More information on Kim Il-Sung's political theory Juche

         Aside from renaming the game, in the past two months the idea behind it has changed slightly to have laughs/actual information as the main selling points. I'm up to 17 classes with a few thousand lines. 

        Here's a list of the most recent updates:

* - Added /logout command for switching characters
 * - Cleaned up lots of narration
 * - Fixed loading bugs with Intel & North Korean Won
 * - Added arrays of Equip & Item for inventories
 * - Changes to the item & itemfactory classes
 * - Added UseItem class
 * - Added randomBattlePhrases for enemies and players
 * - Added /run
 * - Methods for updating inventories
 * - '/inv [quest/use/equip]' to toggle inventories
 * - Inventories tested and working!
 * - Cleaned up ItemFactory
 * - giveItem(String type, int id) added
 * - inventory display completely working (except quest)
 * - '/item [quest/use/equip] [id]' added for admins
 * - Minor narration changes
 * - giveItem method now updates inventory if it's the one selected
 * - Inventories now save (Except quest -.-)
 * - Quest inventory fixed!
 * - Partial equip inv loading
 * - Equip inv loading works! (Minor bug when loading adds a null instead of last item
 * - Fixed bug where null is loaded as last item
 * - UpdateInventory method reworked w/ switch statements & exception handling
 * - Saving and loading equip inventory works completely
 * - Reworked giveItem method using switch statements
 * - Started quest item saving
 * - Simplified equip loading
 * - Added new battle phrases
 * - Added gainExp method
 * - Characters/Enemies now have a speed stat
 * - NPC's now have dialog framework
 * - added /npc command & error checking for /battle
 * - Renamed characters class 'character'
 * - Renamed the game Juche
 * - Added the KCNAFactory(North korean news) + 12 quotes
 * - Added '/news' command
 * - Reworked battle, squished some bugs(Player & monster death weren't handled correctly)
 * - You no longer receive damage after killing something unless it has greater speed
 * - Speed stat now saves correctly
 * - Starting inventory saving rework
 * - Each character saved now has it's own folder
 * - Character data is split into multiple files
 * - Only directories can be selected when loading now
 * - Added new mob & 4 new skills
 * - Added commanding officer NPC
 * - Added dropPopUp method for NPC dialog
 * - You now recieve NKWon & experience from killing enemies
 * - Added the levelUp method (you gain stats upon leveling & exp works as it should)
 * - Max exp now displays corectly in stats
 * - Fixed bug w/ gaining negative gold
 * - Fixed a bug preventing leveling up
 * - Exp now resets correctly after leveling

As you can read in the above list, most of the stuff has been behind the scenes work, and I'm just starting to get into the visual/game play side of things. So I only have one screen to share with you containing any new features, here's an example of NPC dialog.

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