Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Twitter Client 1.0 Sneak peak!

Hey all! Schools been getting in the way but I've still poured an unhealthy amount of time into my Twitter client.  I'm still not ready to release it, but I've added Avis, cleaned up a lot of code, and squashed a few bugs. 

Here's a overview of the app. 

 Copy the link into your browser

 Then replace the link in the client with the 7 digit code.
 After that you're in, and your feed should have updated. (Including pictures!)
 You can also tweet or refresh your feed when you'd like to using the top menu or hot-keys.
 Lets test the tweeting function.
 Success! :)

This project was made using the libraries Twitter4j and jToaster.

The most difficult part of the project thus far was finding adequate examples for the libraries I've been using.
This app is far from done! Even though it's already the most extensive swing app I've created (~800 lines of code) I'm still theory crafting the end game. Hopefully it's useful as an example of how to use swing with libraries.

Thanks.       - Redeemer34

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