Sunday, March 3, 2013

[XsPro]Updates! Auto-Medal system and Auto-Job system!

Its been a while since I've talked about any of my developments with XsPro so here's a little sneak preview of whats been going on.

Auto Job System:
  • Automatically advances your job when available (Ex. Aran/Cygnus/3rd and 4th job)
  • There's now a command to job advance instead of having to talk to a NPC or whatever
  • '@jobadvance [job]' also displays available job options if you mistype/choose a non-available job

Auto-Medal System

  • Aran Combo medals
  • Job advancement medals
  • Level 200 Medals
  • Clean Language medal
  • Be my Friend medal
  • Automatically puts the medal in your inventory when you earn it
  • If you don't have enough space in your EQUIP inventory, it saves your most recent medal earn so you can drop something and use a command to access it later

Also I fixed the Aran Combo bug where combos were only counted for people with fourth job.


  1. Very Nice I look forward to using this source, any ETA on the first revision being released?

  2. Well.. Not really.

    Within the next two weeks depending on how much I get done.

    Lemme know if there are any features you really want to see in there.

    edit: whoops deleted my comment

  3. Trying to build a GMS-like v83 via MoopleDev with additional features.
    Are all the features of the old xspro v83 implemented? I'm interested in the weapon level up feature where weapon also gain exp.

  4. Make sure the Reactors for the bosses are working, that seems to be a issue among some of the v83 sources.

    Also, some general commands would be nice (if they're not already within moople) I'm not sure if you addressed it already but Rev 118 - MoopleDev seems to have a save to db problem.

    Last thing I can think of for now is that annoying pirate speed buff (when you double-tap an arrow key).

    Thanks, and I really look forward to seeing the development of this project progress.

  5. Its based off of Rev 116 actually, so no saving error. There are a lot of commands, the pirate speed buff is fixed along with Aran combo's actually working correctly.

    I've been doing a lot of fixing but I'm almost ready to start adding features. (Weapons leveling up/other stuff)

  6. Sounds great, and I'm really looking forward to it. (Please keep me informed on what features you're adding and when they initial release may be.)

    1. All the updates will be on the blog, and depending on how adding the finishing touches go, the first revision should be released in a week or two. (Rough guess)