Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hey everybody, just wanted to say that after a pretty long hiatus, I'm back into java development and kicking it off right, I might be writing a few tutorial videos for things I've been learning in swing, and I'm also considering releasing a few of my projects in an open source fashion.

Now that school's started again, I've also been getting back into the swing of the competitive computer science program with my school, I won't post too much about that here but I'll probably mention it a few times.

In swing I've created a pretty neat version of tic-tac-toe, and once I have all the bugs worked out I'll be sure to post it up here. I previously thought I'd be posting the project today, but it has a pretty major bug with the AI feature that I'd like to get fixed first, and also I'd like to create an extensive settings menu first.

After finishing that, I'll work on finishing up my other current project which is a little tougher. Connect Four.

As you probably know, this blog is a continuation of the blog that can be found here.

                            - Redeemer34


  1. I really want your XSPro rev69 pack. or anything that is close to it :D

  2. Well I don't actually have the pack currently. I was thinking of remaking one, or at least one that's similar to it if there's any interest. Think there would be?

  3. Well im setting up a server atm using NakedStory and its so stable. Im also using ur XsPro. It would be nice :D